About The Book


One year after opening her first company, Davielle Jackson, at the young age of twenty-six, was partnered with Walmart, a retail giant, which is deemed impossible. It was at that point that she decided she wanted full control over her own life, her own destiny, and wanted to make her own money.

With that noted, she dropped out of medical school, resigned from her job, and followed her passions and dreams.

In 2016, she was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year and graced the cover of the Atlanta Business Journal, leaving her mark in history as being one of the youngest to achieve both.

Being approached by an overwhelming amount of people asking how she accomplished these things at such a young age and in such a short amount of time prompted Davielle to write Ready, Set, Go! Always being in negotiations for new business ventures and the formation of new companies didn’t leave time to address everyone’s questions, so she decided to instead give them “the green print.”

Ready, Set, Go! is the green print to her success. This is Jackson’s way of paying it forward and inspiring others to live their dreams and live for themselves while also being financially free.


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