About The Author


With more than ten years of sales, marketing, management and business experience, although still very young, Davielle Jackson has been a strong leader and front-runner in business sector.  As founder and president of Femi Secrets, she has broken records by entering into Wal-Mart at a record time frame of 6 months, something a Wal-Mart executive and representatives have deemed “impossible.”

Jackson is dedicated and hardworking; as a mini mogul, Jackson has several business ventures and acquisitions listed under her long list of achievements. She is forward thinker and has major plans for the future.

Jackson is also the owner of nonprofit organization I am #1 that is dedicated to the success of young women. Jackson is dedicated to breaking records and exceeding expectations. She is the owner of patents and trademarks all before age 30. She plans to move forward in the tech and software industry in future career. Long-term goals include opening a university and sole dedication to her nonprofit. Jackson is also the current winner of one of the largest business competitions in the world.